‘WOMEN IN CALLIGRAPHY’ exhibition in Dubai | Coming Soon in UAE

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‘WOMEN IN CALLIGRAPHY’ exhibition in Dubai

‘WOMEN IN CALLIGRAPHY’ exhibition in Dubai - Coming Soon in UAE

An all Emirati exhibition by 10 Women Calligraphers & Master Calligrapher as they strive to keep the ancient tradition of Arabic Calligraphy alive.

Members of the Emirates Arabic Calligraphy Society and the Chairman Khalid Ai Al Jallaf

share their experiences in learning and teaching this unique form of Art.

Members are taught the history and art of Arabic Calligraphy in Islamic and Arab cultures and countries from its beginning through its progression and get exposed as well to the present more contemporary styles in the process.

They study from the basics of calligraphy lines to the methods, techniques, materials, proportions, colours, implementation, ornamentation and all the other many details that go with this complex form of art. They are taught discipline, constant perseverance and that only

Venue: Art Couture at Al Badia Golf Club, InterContinental, Dubai Festival City, Dubai UAE. Tee Lounge (In the Golf Club)

Contact via email or Tel: 04- 6010101 (ext- 2101) or 050-5988206

Time – 7:30- 9:30pm

Last day of Exhibition – October 3:10 am – 10:00 pm


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