Dubai Kitesurf Competition 2021 in Dubai | Coming Soon in UAE
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Dubai Kitesurf Competition 2021

Dubai Kitesurf Competition 2021 - Coming Soon in UAE

Dubai Kitesurf Competition – Heat 3

Although Dubai‘s winter watersports calendar is heavy on tradition, the annual Kitesurf Competition adds a dose of modern water-based athleticism to the mix. Spread a blanket along the beach at Nessnass Beach, behind Sunset Mall, for a clear view of the two-part competition, which returns this winter.

Participants in kitesurfing create momentum by moving over the water surface with a parachute-like kite. Spectators of all ages will enjoy seeing these trained athletes go head-to-head and perform thrilling stunts.


The Kitesurf Competition is part of the Dubai International Marine Club’s (DIMC) newly known as Dubai Harbour,  eight-month sporting calendar, which includes a variety of water-based competitions such as sailing and windsurfing. The competition is divided into 3 Heats which takes place. This month, Heat 3 is scheduled to begin and take place at the Marine Club in Dubai.

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