GITEX Global 2022 in Dubai | Coming Soon in UAE

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GITEX GLOBAL unifies the world’s most influential ecosystems advancing business, economy, society and culture through the sheer power of innovation.

The world’s largest, most inclusive tech & startup event unveils new worlds of promise – from the transcendent power of 6G to the vast virtual business ecosystems of the Metaverse – among many tech-powered revolutions and future-forward thinking. Step in. An unimaginable new digital universe awaits.


Only at GITEX GLOBAL, you get the opportunity to interact with the most transformative technologies that are shaking up ecosystems worldwide.


What’s coming at GITEX Global 2022:


 Celebrating the technical wizardry behind the digital revolutions – dive into the largest developer engagement and empowerment meetup in partnership with Coders HQ.

Talks with ingenious minds, certified trainings, workshops and career-jetting opportunities.

Gathering ecosystem of coders & developers, to create the world’s most vibrant community network of technical minds, skills & talent. Showcasing the creative ingenuity behind the industry’s most ground-breaking technologies.



Metaverse like you’ve never ever seen – experience it from the world’s leading virtual world platforms, and global brands and government entities that have embraced the tech.

Launching the World’s largest curated Web 3.0 immersive journey to accelerate Dubai’s vision of attracting 5000 metaverse companies over 5 years.

Access unique – never seen before – case studies of best-in-class Web 3.0 experiences.




In the race to net-zero and climate-preserving tech – see which global companies and innovators are ahead of the game and how.

It is to inspire responsible governments, businesses and society strategies through technology. A place for people-powered, tech-enabled ESG realities, with climate tech, green business and net zero goals.



Cyber leaders are in a critical position as the gap between business and security leaders widens. As per World Economic Forum Global Cybersecurity outlook, 87% of top executives are planning to improve cyber resilience at their organization.

Find out the ‘crypto-nite’ of Fintech hackers, how Middle East can be more cyber-resilient, investor-risk in cyber attacks and the lurking threats on social through leading security authorities and hackers on stage.


GITEX Global 2022 Details:

Dates: 10-14 October 2022

Location: Dubai World Trade Center




About GITEX Global

GITEX Global is the largest regional IT exhibition that takes place every year in World Trade Center, Dubai. As well as defining the latest trends, presenting high-caliber public speakers & showcasing product innovations from across the world, GITEX is bringing together the most innovative, exciting & ambitious tech startups to showcase their world-changing ideas to an audience of hand-picked international investors. From 5G and Big Data to Cybersecurity and Quantum Computing. From immersive tech experiences to thought-provoking conferences, it’s all at GITEX.

  Event Location

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) - Coming Soon in UAE
Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) - Coming Soon in UAE
Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)
Dubai World Trade Centre's aim is to connect people, products and ideas from around the globe through its year-round calendar of international trade fairs, blockbuster consumer shows and prestigious international conferences.
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