Webinar: “Challenges Women in Leadership Face” | Coming Soon in UAE
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Webinar: “Challenges Women in Leadership Face”

Webinar: “Challenges Women in Leadership Face” - Coming Soon in UAE

Meeting Professionals International will provide educational webinar “Challenges Women in Leadership Face” on August 28.

This webinar is dedicated to both men and women to learn more actual examples of day-to-day challenges and opportunities for women in the events industry. There will be a lot of personal experiences from event professionals and lessons about leadership.

Webinar participants can learn how to deal with communicators, active listeners, learn how to develop relationships with intentional networkers to succeed in their careers, and bravely embrace new opportunities for leadership.

During the webinar, participants will:
• Learn the analysis of the unique challenges that arise for women in leadership in order to better understand ways to deal with them;
• Hear different stories from life and how to fight back the problems;
• Discover how effectively utilize communication skills across genders;
• Consider several strategies for career advancement;
• Get to know speakers’ personal experiences on how to overcome life and career challenges.

Among speakers will be Elizabeth Lombardo, PH.D., Speaker and Psychologist; Maja Kazazic, a Bosnian Genocide survivor who will tell how resilience, courage can lead to flourishing and a company’s objectives; Carly Patterson is a gymnast with All-Around Gold Medal in Women’s Gymnastics in a non-boycotted Olympics.; Ashley Fox is the NFL’s most trusted journalist, storyteller, and reporter of sports media.

Organized by: Meeting Professionals International
Venue: available after registration
Ticket price: free (registration needed)
Admission: 07:00 PM – 08:00 PM (UTC Dubai)

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