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Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi: large theme park with famous characters

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi: large theme park with famous characters - Coming Soon in UAE
25 July 2018

Planned to be opened in summer 2018, this enormous and fully indoor amusement park will be located on Yas Island and will be the third of its kind; two similar parks are located in Spain and Australia. Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi will be close to a Yas Waterpark and to a renowned brand, in the form of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

The team of Warner Bros. studio and Miral Asset Management are developing this immersive project, which will have 29 different rides and will satisfy visitors and fans of all ages.

Warner Bros. Plaza, which will be the centre of this park, is one of the six lands that form Warner Bros. World. There you’ll be able to choose your next destination and find a place to eat in the company of your favourite characters. While walking through Plaza, you will admire the architecture of this place, which will remind you of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

One of the destinations will be Bedrock. A prehistoric town with iconic features from a legendary family show with two cave families The Flintstones and the Rubbles. This area full of adventures will offer you thrilling rides and dino-sized food.

If you consider yourself a crazy person and fond of desert landscapes and Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner, you’ll for sure enjoy the Dynamite Gulch. This chaotic and colourful area is full of exciting escapades and mishaps, which won’t allow you or your family to relax.

When you will go to the Cartoon Junction, don’t forget to turn on your fun side. This fantastical town will gather Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Scooby-Doo in one place, full of attractions and rides. And don’t forget to solve a mystery, or two.

A city full of Super-Villains and home to a protector that operates from the shadows, Gotham City is a place of the criminal underworld, urban landscapes, drama, heroic exploits and action. You will find yourself in the company of Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn and others, in this dark and sinister land.

If you are looking for Justice, Metropolis is your choice. The iconic city with urban and modern landscapes will be home to Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Daily Planet; all this under the protection from evil by Superman himself and other heroes from Justice League such as Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and others.

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