The Flying Saucer – “space” cultural hub in Sharjah | Coming Soon in UAE

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The Flying Saucer, an iconic building has reopened, and now it is a venue for the Sharjah Art Foundation.

This space-inspired landmark had been undergoing renovation led by the Foundation since 2018. The Flying Saucer itself has become an exhibition space, reopening with an installation by Lindsay Seers and Keith Sargent titled “Nowhere Less Now 3”.

The star-shaped structure has gone through a series of modifications since its opening in 1978 to house various businesses such as a café and restaurant, newsstand, gift shop, supermarket, and pharmacy.

The renovation project was set to restore the building to its original silhouette with two layers of alternating concrete petals that make up the roof, centered around a 23-foot-tall concrete dome, lending the building its so-called flying saucer look. Metallic silver sheets hang from the dome to house a film installation, while large-scale sculptures resembling reef balls and dolos encircle the space.

The Flying Saucer will be a place for film screenings, workshops, and events such as poetry readings at the art library to take place in the coming weeks. Visitors can expect to attend calligraphy, photography, drawing, and tile art workshops, which are all free, though prior online registration is required.

The renovation of The Flying Saucer was led by Sharjah Art Foundation and SpaceContinuum Design Studio, helmed by SpaceContinuum founder Mona El Mousfy.

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