The largest coral garden in the world in Fujairah | Coming Soon in UAE

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A decision to create this huge coral garden on the coast of Fujairah was made after The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and the Fujairah Centre for Adventures have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The goal of this partnership and project is not only in creating the largest coral garden, expected to set a new Guinness World Record but also in increasing the tourism in the emirate, preserving marine life, enhancing fisheries, and making it more inviting for divers and nature enthusiasts from UAE and abroad. More importantly, this garden is a haven that will provide a perfect place for biodiversity to support and regenerate the ecosystems of the UAE.

Saeed Al Muamari, Director of the Fujairah Centre for Adventures, had this to add: “Such agreements are important to help preserve the pristine natural beauty of the region, and it is the precious marine environment. The project is the largest in the world and will help boost local and international interest in the coral reef and the marine environment”. He also said that this document will help protect the country’s marine life and diverse environments of the emirates coastlines, as well as promote and increase community participation.

When The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment finds the best geographical place for the garden it will provide grown corals of different sizes and species. The institution will also provide technical support and logistics services, to ensure that the special assigned teams have the equipment and materials they need to properly maintain and transport them.

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