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Sharjah Light Festival 2019  will be held for its 9th year on February 6-16.

The Festival features large-scale light installations and projections inspired by subjects such as science, creativity, and knowledge. The 10-day festival attracts over half a million visitors to more than a dozen locations across the emirate. There are free shows from 06:00 PM to 11:00 PM (until midnight on weekends) on various locations and a parade along the Corniche taking place just before 09:00 PM each evening.

Festival Shows:
– Avenue of Lights – Sharjah University City Campus Avenue,
A gallery of light as a tribute to the spirit of the festival, symbolizing the bonds between Sharjah’s educational monuments.
– Connections – Sharjah Police Academy
This show explores these connections by looking at the connections between sound, the visual and space with the canvas of 3 beautiful facades.
– One More Night – University City Hall
The show will display a dreamlike epic through tales from Orient and Occident.
– Marching through Life – American University of Sharjah
The show imagined for the American University of Sharjah symbolizes this procession of actors passing on traditions and knowledge from one generation to another.
– The Living Netting – Sharjah Book Authority
The Book authority show takes its inspiration from organic elements such as coral and displays a variety of unique graphical universes each developing in their own way and expanding to meet each other.
– Transmission – The Opening Ceremony – Sharjah City Municipality
This show focuses on the universality of Arabic culture and singularity of its symbols.
– Aquatic Parade – Khalid Lagoon
A 200 meters long parade magically leading to the Grand Final on the water.
– Journey Through Light – Khalid Lagoon
Sharjah’s lagoon will welcome a unique celebration, reflecting all over the city from watery waves to clear sky.
– A Lagoon’s Reflection – Masjid Al Noor
This show is a direct tribute to Sharjah as an Arabic capital of culture and is a reminder of the surrounding landscape of Al Noor Mosque as well as of the water environment of Sharjah.
– Sky Lines – Khalid Lagoon
The lagoon lights are a poetic tribute to the multiculturalism of Sharjah.
– A Bridge of Light – Al Qasba – Internal Façades
Laser technology shows off the best of Qasba architecture to broadcast a show full of life and energy.
– A Fireflies Forest – Palm Oasis – Khalid Lagoon
This technical marvel “sets light” to 330 trees.
– Route of Cultures – Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
“Route of Cultures” is a trip back to the trade relations between the old cultures around the world.
– Aquatic Visions – Municipality and Municipal Council (Al Hamriyah)
The patterns in this show take elements of the wondrous from Arabic literature.
– Matter of Mythology – Municipality, Municipal Council and Directorate of Human Resources (Kalba)
This show displays the story of the very origins of culture and its inscription on paper: literature, the page itself holds a variety of treasures.
– Heritage as a Journey – Municipality, Municipal Council and Town Planning Department (Khorfakkan)
Every civilization holds the basic elements of each writing system to pass on heritage, of a way of thinking, or of a story.
– Tales in Mosaic – Masjid Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmad Al Qasimi (Dibba Al Hisn)
Grand Mosque Dibba, overlooking the busy activities of a fishing harbor and the spiritual infinity of the lonely sea, is the facade for this show.

Organized by: Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority
Venue: Sharjah University City Campus Avenue, Sharjah Police Academy, University City Hall, American University of Sharjah, Sharjah Book Authority, Sharjah City Municipality, Khalid Lagoon, Masjid Al Noor, Al Qasba, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Municipality and Municipal Council (Al Hamriyah), Municipal Council and Directorate of Human Resources (Kalba), Municipal Council and Town Planning Department (Khorfakkan), Masjid Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmad Al Qasimi (Dibba Al Hisn)
Ticket price: Free
Admission: Sunday-Thursday: 06:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Friday-Saturday: 06:00 PM – Midnight

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