RMDAH Challenge at Mushrif Park in Dubai | Coming Soon in UAE

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RMDAH Challenge will take place on 12th of May 2018 at the Mushrif Park, Dubai.

Rmdha challenge is about walking barefoot on hot sand in the middle of the day, and take the challenge for a unique experience.

Rmdha meaning ‘hot sand’ in Arabic, As per the rules and regulations, participants need to walk in burning heat over the set distance without any footwear or the use of any oils or substances on their feet.

Participants will be allowed to take breaks at specific rest points that will be located at every 10 metres throughout the course. The number of breaks will ultimately be accounted for to decide the final time at the end of the competition. The winner of the Challenge will be the fastest one to walk the 200 metres.

There will be a special medical team to supervise the well-being of all competitors during the event. Participants will be allowed to wear headgear to keep the sun away, while persons with diabetes, heart issues and skin conditions will not be allowed to participate.

Join the challenge yourself or simply watch as others brave the heat.

Organized by: Embassy of the UAE in Canberra
Venue: Mushrif Park, Dubai
Tickets: free
Admission: 11:00 AM

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