Roadshow Searchinform 2024 in Abu Dhabi | Coming Soon in UAE

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Roadshow SearchInform is an information security conference for business owners, executives, information security and IT experts, which is dedicated to protection of businesses against internal threats.

The conference will feature presentations by SearchInform experts and information security professionals from the UAE companies. The speakers will shed light on internal data threats and reveal methods and tools for insider threat prevention.


During the conference, the experts will answer the following questions:

  • What threats can human factors pose to businesses?
  • What tools can prevent corporate fraud, data theft and data leaks caused by insiders?
  • How are internal incident investigations conducted?
  • How to manage internal risks without additional expenses?

The participants will get a great networking opportunity communicating with security experts, discussing urgent questions, and receiving valuable recommendations.

The conference is held by the leading vendor of data security and risk management solutions, the first managed security service provider in the UAE.


Roadshow Searchinform 2024 Details:


  • Dubai Knowledge Park Conference Centre, Block 1 – Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi, Al Fehaidi Hall, 3rd floor – Abu Dhabi

Dates: 14 May – 16 May 2024