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Whether you want to integrate better processes and innovative thinking into your organisation, or teach these skills to clients, Hazel Jackson will provide you with the knowledge, methods and resources you need.

Invest Your Morning with Hazel Jackson and learn

  • How to get your leaders to ask more questions, and become intellectually curious about what others can achieve.
  • How leaders can deploy the Multipliers toolkit to attract A Player behaviour, stretch capabilities, make decisions that get executed, drive an environment where innovation and best thinking is possible, and hold others accountable for results.
  • Your employees will feel smarter and more capable, and will contribute at their highest point of contribution.


About Hazel Jackson

Hazel has built an impressive reputation and successful multi-million dollar business, Biz Group, during the past 23 years based in Dubai. Nearly two decades ago, and with just US$700 in her pocket, Hazel founded Biz Group, which she has developed from a small training company into an organisation of 55 professionals servicing the Middle East’s corporate training, team building and business strategy needs.

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