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Things to Consider When Choosing an Office Space in Dubai

Things to Consider When Choosing an Office Space in Dubai - Coming Soon in UAE
19 August 2022
7 minutes to read

There’s no running away from the fact that Dubai is the perfect spot to establish your dream business. After all, it has successfully turned out to be the best global hub of entities. With even the rules and regulations being conducive to the growth of the business, UAE has successfully lured many entrepreneurs in the past. And continues to do so till this very minute.

Although you can also choose a virtual office, an office in a prime location is a big benefit for any business. Below, we will shed light on things that you must consider when choosing an office space in Dubai:


Before you cement the decision of choosing a location, be mindful of the type of your business, market, and the rest of the requirements. Don’t get carried away by the aesthetic appeal of the location. The conveyance, reachability, and other features are of utmost importance. Here are a few features that you must consider when choosing the best location:

  • Safety;
  • Type of Business;
  • Conveyance facilities;
  • Class locality.

Just because you see an attractive benches near the compound area doesn’t mean customers will happily wait there. You need to look for a location with much more than you have thought.



This will depend on the type of business that you own. Not to forget, the design has the power to uplift the customer experience. Especially if you have clients visit your workspace very often, a compelling design will surely bring a smile to their faces. Research has shown that colors have a strong impact on a person’s decision-making power.

So if you have a compelling look at the workplace, the design will leave a lasting impression on the audience. If your building doesn’t have a compelling design, we recommend you to be mindful enough and see how you can embellish it.

Legal Complexities

You have to understand the legal necessities, as they are very important. No wonder going through the legal paperwork is a big risk. Especially if you don’t have hands-on experience of doing it before. You will be better off hiring an attorney. Sometimes, a meticulous inspection can become nerve-racking for the business owner.

Even more so when you locate your business office in an exquisite place like Dubai. Plus, insufficient knowledge of legal matters is equally problematic. It can cause unexpected delays and distortion in the business process.

Size and Space

Everyone starts a business to expand its horizon over time. Thus, a comprehensive and detailed thought process to make the right decisions about the size and space becomes the need of the hour. You can consult your team and even seek support from the outsourcing agencies before making your decision.

Of course, you won’t be able to change the overall office space, but expansions can always be done. And when you shift your office to this new location, you can surely add value to it through your work.


Rent and Other Expenses

The only elephant in the room is the rental cost. It cannot be avoided under any circumstances. The local tax, rent, and the associated fees are to be paid timely. Thus, you have to include them in the monthly expenditure. It shouldn’t become a problem for the budget. Instead, the location should have the power to easily attract more clients. Else, if you choose a location with a high rental cost, your business will be severely affected due to the new workspace.

Additionally, the other expenses and the local fees need to be included too. Sometimes, many charges are hidden during an office move. It is only when an office is shifted to a new location that everyone gets to know about them.


Is the new office space large enough to suffice for the furniture of your office? Or will you have to purchase new furniture altogether. See if you need new chairs for your workspace, or will the old ones easily match the workspace vibe. Even such minor decisions are to be taken for the betterment of the new office in Dubai. Not to forget, Dubai is the name of luxury, so your office has to be a reflection of it somehow.


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