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As the latest data from Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing show, the number of visitors in Dubai is constantly increasing.

The quantity of guests in the city in 2018 has reached 15.92 million. For comparison, in 2017 the number was 15.79 million — we can see the rise by 0.8 percent. People come here from many different countries around the world. Most visitors come from India – this country has many cultural and economic ties with the UAE. Also, many companies from both countries have business partnerships. All this contributes to an increase in the number of visitors from India.

Second place by the number of visitors has Saudi Arabia. The number of visitors from this country increased by 3 percent over the past year and amounted to 1.6 million people. The third place — the UK with 1.6 million visitors. Then countries like China, Germany, and Russia.

There is no doubt that the number of people visiting Dubai will constantly increase. And this is not surprising. Dubai is the fastest growing city in the country today. There is always something new in it. Tourists can always find something interesting for themselves with each new visit. But people go to Dubai not only as tourists. Many visitors come here for work. The city development means huge business opportunities. No wonder Dubai is called the city of the future.

And in 2020 the city expects an unprecedented influx of visitors. It will happen thanks to Expo 2020 Dubai. The city received the rights to host this event in 2013 and all these years there was constant preparation. Many new construction projects were designed and built. And one of the most remarkable projects is the Dubai Creek Tower. This huge construction will have height at least 928 m and it will the tallest tower in the world.

Expo 2020 will last six months and will lead to the rapid development of the city’s economy. This significant international event will attract to Dubai many tourists from all over the world and will have the most positive impact on the development of the hotel industry. According to some forecasts, the number of visitors could easily exceed 25 million people.

But the most important thing is that Expo 2020 will strengthen Dubai’s reputation as a center of innovation and bring unprecedented opportunities. It is expected that the expo will attract an additional $23 billion to the city’s economy. In addition, Expo 2020 will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

The UAE was the first country in the Middle East to receive the right to hold such an event. And this means that Expo 2020 will lead to the evolution for not only Dubai itself but for all country, and even the entire region.

Expo 2020 will be held in the Jebel Ali area on the territory of 438 hectares, located in the west of the emirate, on the border with Abu Dhabi. Where there was a desert, today a new district (that named District 2020) is being built in a futuristic style. Interestingly, half of all the necessary electricity will be provided by solar panels — in recent years in Dubai the «green» technologies are attracting more and more attention.

And when the Expo ends, 80% of all buildings in the District 2020 will be converted into business centers, malls, and residential quarters. Even having played its main role, the district will become an important part of the city. And since it’s located not far from the new airport, the area may turn into a zone of duty-free trade, which will additionally attract foreign capital into the country.

In the future, the number of visitors in Dubai will only increase, reaching all the new fantastic numbers.

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