Tents are Prohibited for Ramadan 2020 in Dubai | Coming Soon in UAE

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Due to the fight against the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 and the introduction of a number of preventive measures, Ramadan tents will not be allowed this year in Dubai.

The decision was made by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai. All permits for the construction of such tents in the emirate are canceled. 

The reason for the decision was that the meeting of a large number of people, especially the joint sharing of food by them, can contribute to an outbreak of the spread of infection. To block the transmission of the virus, Muslims this year should refrain from traditional visits to tents, as well as other activities involving a large number of contacts with other people.

It is also not allowed for believers to bring food to the courtyards of their mosques by the end of the fasting period. For a charitable giving of food, they should contact the appropriate organizations involved in the distribution of food for those in need. 

Such measures are temporary and reflect the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic. This is only part of the measures taken by the whole community to jointly fight for public health and reduce possible risks.

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