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How To Check Emirates ID Status

How To Check Emirates ID Status - Coming Soon in UAE
15 July 2023
7 minutes to read

Are you looking forward to checking your Emirates ID status before beginning your life as a UAE resident? Keep reading below to understand the importance of the Emirates ID in the UAE and how you can use the ID to avail eligible benefits while living here.

Many applicants feel confused, overwhelmed, and concerned at the thought of an additional Emirates ID that comes with their residency visa. Since it is an additional document, many applicants keep thinking it is optional until it is too late! There are many benefits to getting your Emirates ID status early in your journey as a UAE resident.


What is Emirates ID?

The Emirates ID is a residential identification document awarded to every business and company owner who seeks a residency visa in the UAE. Contrary to popular misconception, Emirates ID is not optional but rather a mandatory document without which the resident is not legally allowed to rent an apartment, workspace, or hostel or enroll in any professional or educational institution. Even if a business owner wishes to expand their business to different branches within the UAE, they will require the position of a valid and updated Emirates ID.

It is important to note that the Emirates ID is valid only for a specific period, after which the applicant must renew this document.


Why is Emirates ID important?

As mentioned above, the Emirates ID can be one of the essential documents determining whether or not you get classified as a citizen within the UAE. You might have to furnish your Emirates ID as proof of your legal Residency within the country in many areas:

  • Employment/academic institutions;
  • Buying or renting devices/cars/property;
  • Renting an apartment/workspace/hostel;
  • Traveling across the UAE;
  • Applying for government funds, sponsorships, etc;
  • Starting a business or branching into new areas of an existing business;
  • Opening a bank account in the UAE;
  • Registering and filing for taxes;
  • Applying for a driver’s license in UAE;
  • Registering for vehicles.

How to apply for Emirates ID?

To apply for Emirates ID, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official ICP;
  • Here, under Apply for a new ID Card option, click on the Start Service;
  • Next, you must register for the UAE Pass and sign in;
  • Pay the application fee to confirm your submission;
  • Upon notification, a nearby ICP offline center for biometric scanning. Your eye and fingerprint scans will be conducted and stored as verifiable data with the authorities;
  • Check your Emirates ID status routinely. Within 10 to 15 days, your Emirates ID renewal should be completed;
  • Collect your updated Emirates ID from the designated post office location.

4 Steps To Ensure That Your Emirates ID Gets Approved

Since there are endless benefits to having a proper and updated Emirates ID, applicants are always interested in following the best practices while submitting their application form – so that their Emirates ID status gets approved as soon as possible.

  1. Apply within time: The best preventive step that you can take to ensure your Emirates ID status gets approved within a single trial period is to apply well within time. Once the renewal fine keeps piling (around 20 AED per day), every single mistake in your application can cost you dearly. Usually, a window period of 30 days is provided to applicants to renew their Emirates ID after the expiry date has passed.
  2. Keep all documents handy and updated: Confirm that the documents you are presenting our exactly what is required in the application. There should be a manageable amount of information. They must be updated and latest – your employer, bank, and landlord should be aware of the documents furnished in this application so that the authorities can easily confirm them.
  3. Upload clear, printable versions of documents: The layout of the documents must fit the printable criteria. The documents must be less in size. They should also be clear and easily legible. Authentic documents mentioning the date, ID number and other latest details should be presented in a version that authorities can print and analyze. Otherwise, the application will be rejected.
  4. Keep checking Emirates ID status routinely: If the applicant keeps checking the Emirates ID status routinely, they can attend to any modifications requested by the authorities immediately. This will ensure that your Emirates ID status gets approved the earliest! You must also ensure that mistakes are corrected immediately in case of any pending status and the Emirates ID is regenerated without delay.


In conclusion, maintaining and updating the Emirates ID is one of the four most important tasks every UAE resident must perform. In return, there are many benefits of the Emirates ID status system, which makes the entire procedure of maintaining a seamless life as an expat in the UAE possible.

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