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Everyday Life in The Line: A Glimpse into the Future

Everyday Life in The Line: A Glimpse into the Future - Coming Soon in UAE
28 May 2024
7 minutes to read

Do you want to live in an innovative yet world class city? Then, in the heart of Saudi Arabia, an ambitious urban development project is going to shake the world. The Line Project is built to revolutionize the world with the newer concept of urban living. The project is special because of its unique features such as no cars, no streets and minimum wastage. Let’s imagine this beautiful future and understand its concept of living. In this blog, we will learn some innovative features and will take a glimpse at the future based on information found on


What would your day look like ?

Well, the morning routine in these high tech, eco friendly homes will look like a cakewalk. A breakfast table served in style with optional comfort and efficiency. Smart homes are now seamlessly integrated with latest technologies that will help people wake up from their deep slumber, get them a perfect aromatic cup of coffee in a minute, a wide variety of breakfast options along with aromatic adjustment in their lighting to match their mood and temperature to get the day started.

And most importantly with no vehicles around, the air would be cleaner and surroundings greener. People around the block can start their day with some exercises in the walkways of the cities or vertical gardens. The gardens will be the world of your dreams with priority on sustainability and self sufficiency practices.


Commuting and Transportation

Next, to fulfill your travel needs, the Line Project eliminates the hassle of traditional commuting. You don’t need to take a bus or drive your car for shorter or longer distances. The smart city project is designed linearly with emphasis on eco-friendly practices. You can take a stroll on shorter distances or take a high speed underground station for longer routes.

The Line Project aims to connect the cities and homes end to end within twenty minutes which is empowered with renewable energy thus ensuring that there are no pollutants and no need of cars or other vehicles for transportation needs. What if you want to travel much further? Then, the solution is to use a drone or an autonomous electric vehicle that is fuel efficient and eco friendly. Drones can be a taxi that has its own dedicated station near your house making it easier to rent anytime across the city.


Workspaces and office infrastructure

Next, the question arises: how would the residents work or what would the world look like in the smart cities? The Line Project is designed to accommodate office buildings and workstations as well. Workspaces are now focused on providing flexibility, are technology driven and open to collaboration.

Newer buildings are designed with state of art facilities, reality tools and other resources to boost productivity and collaboration. The close proximity of residential spaces means no more stressful rides to work and helps employees to maintain a healthy work- life balance. This smart city will be an exemplary example of innovation and creativity that will showcase the world the power of technology. Every industry and workstations under this project will foster eco friendly practices and will work on renewable resources, artificial intelligence and more.


Enhanced Education and Healthcare

Educational institutions in these smart cities will leverage the latest technology tools and resources to improve skills of their students thus enhancing their curriculum with interactive learning.The Line Project has schools, universities and academies that are easily accessible to every resident and is built to provide high quality education with a personalized learning platform.

Along with educational platforms, the smart city is also focused on providing world class healthcare amenities to increase the lifespan of their citizens with quality care. Hospitals and clinics are equipped with modern equipment and tools to assist in pain free surgeries and more. This sector will be transformed by integrating artificial intelligence diagnostics and treatments. With its emphasis on facilitating healthy lifestyle and support to improve the well being of the population.


Sustainability and Environment

Lastly, this grand project aims to improve the lifestyle of citizens with emphasis on saving the environment natural resources and following eco friendly practices. The Line Project is designed and powered by renewable resources that leads to no carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Thus helping save the planet by minimizing the wastage, energy resources and saving the resources for generations to come. The entire concept revolves around lessening the carbon footprint and saving the environment before it’s too late.


In conclusion, we can say that everyday monotonous life will be futuristic and smart in the Line Project. It will be a perfect blend of innovation and sustainable development that serves people and saves the planet as well. As the vision comes to reality, this project promises the newer hope for the future and last hope to save the planet.


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