Best Car Engine Trends to Look for in 2020 | Coming Soon in UAE
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Best Car Engine Trends to Look for in 2020

Best Car Engine Trends to Look for in 2020 - Coming Soon in UAE
3 February 2020

In this article we will look at car engine trends 2020 – reducing noise and vibration, reducing fuel consumption and switching to electric power.

The automobile industry has been growing exponentially in recent years. From the safety norms going up to the price to the performance ratio dominating the new era of vehicles, things have transformed completely. Cars these days have a lot to offer instead of simple migration of people from one place to another. The cars these days provide better safety, improved ride quality, enhanced performance, and even the connected features that it offers makes it an entertainment wagon on the move. While there may be multiple factors swaying your decision to own a car, the first and foremost would be the engine of the vehicle which packs all the performance entities of the vehicle.

Fuel efficiency

The engines these days have been tuned up to the highest extent to provide a healthy mileage without compromising the performance of the car. In a day to day life, what matters the most to the majority of the vehicle owners is the mileage they clock with their cars, as no one wants an extra cutoff on their savings. While making owners decide to purchase a car, one should consider good fuel efficiency accompanied by the good overall performance.

Eco-friendly engines

With the increasing pollution all around the globe, it is every individual’s responsibility to make sure they contribute someway or the other to save the planet and its resources. While there might be numerous reasons that contribute to increasing pollution, one of them is vehicles. While it becomes a necessity to drive from one place to another, you should keep a check on the healthy age of the engine. You can also choose from hybrid used cars in Sharjah to electric vehicles these days which will basically help you avoid the carbon emission part completely. Also, there are new fuel emission norms implemented to curb pollution if possible spare a little extra from savings to afford the best eco-friendly car.

car engine trends

Noise and vibrations

One of the most annoying things in a long car journey is the engine noise and vibration. However, with a little research, you can understand the overtime performance of the specific car engines.

The upcoming trends bring out the best from the car segment as the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels are brought to a minimum according to the price and segment of the car. The engine noise completely takes over on a long journey as it is unavoidable, but if you consider used cars in Abu Dhabi with fewer NVH levels, you can experience a more soothing drive.

Electric engines

With the technological advancements seeking over the vehicle industry, the all-electric engines have arrived. These engines not only make sure you have close to zero carbon emissions the maintenance is also very minimal moreover the sound on the engine on/off doesn’t exist, but it’s also quite a silent driving experience all around. The only concern you might have would be the overall miles that could be covered and the charging time it would take which is seeking advancement at a very high rate.

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