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70trades – Broker Review

70trades – Broker Review - Coming Soon in UAE
24 March 2022
10 minutes to read

Today, Forex trading has turned into a big opportunity to make money for anyone in UAE as well as other parts of the world who has some funds to spare for global trading and benefit from different trading platforms when they feel like they can reap a good profit.

Many might be uncertain, but Forex trading is fully legal in UAE and it’s becoming more popular every day. Every beginner or new investor in UAE needs a reliable broker platform for trading, and one of the popular online trading platforms is 70trades.

Hundreds of trading companies compete for the Forex business in UAE, which makes it challenging to determine which trading company will prove a good choice for investment and profits.

Though there are shady Forex brokers out there, 70trades is in no way a scam – you will find amazing reviews from their current users and other sources that indicate it won’t be going anywhere soon. After checking their platform, 70trades review, and seeing the amazing trading tools they (70trades) have to offer, we cannot help but believe that 70trades will be at the top of their game regarding Forex trading.

70trades Forex in UAE


Potential Features of 70trades

70trades works with a trading platform known as Profit. Here are the essential features of 70trades:

The layout of this trading platform includes chart windows that you can adjust and several other customization options. Such features make the overall trading experience with 70trades more intuitive.

It offers fixed spreads that start at three pips, which allows investors to know exactly what to expect.

To develop a diverse portfolio regularly, anyone who wishes to invest must first open an account. Other relevant features include a minimum initial amount of deposit of $200 that follows the first account registration.

The maximum leverage allowed by 70trades is one to two hundred, which is sufficient to suit the trading strategies of any investor in UAE.

When it comes to payment methods, 70trades comprises several options, including bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and online transfers like Skrill, ecoPayz, and Neteller.



70trades Has Courses for Investors of All Levels

This trading platform also contains professional advice for those who want to understand forex trading and how trading works in general. There are three categories of advice for beginner, intermediate, and expert traders, respectively. It’s without a doubt a plus point for them as there aren’t many institutes that can teach forex trading in UAE.

The three categories go from explaining the basic concept of the forex market in the beginner section to the advanced concepts of technical analysis and asset tracking for mediocre traders.

The courses that are available on the website of 70trades revolve around risk management, trading execution strategies, and comprehensive analysis.

Potential traders can immensely benefit from several operating platforms that range from introductory to the advanced and professional levels. The best part is for newbie traders who might need a demo account to practice their trading before logging into their real accounts – speaking of which, new traders can practice on hundred thousand dollar demo accounts for practicing purposes.

Newbie traders can avail themselves of unlimited access to the best video lessons in trading. The video lessons provided by 70trades are an excellent source for improving one’s trading knowledge and boosting profits.

Besides, the videos provided by this trading platform are developed by some of the best trading experts and trainers of the Forex markets.



List of Potential Tools Offered by 70trades

Potential investors in UAE who sign up with 70trades will find professional advice for investing in specific primary products, such as energy, gold, and trading oil. You can also immensely benefit from exclusive trading tools, such as wallets, real-time data, financial calendars, and analysis.

Have a look at the potential tools offered on the trading platform of 70trades:


Portfolio Builder

If this is your first time signing up on a trading platform, you can immensely benefit from this portfolio-building tool. Since building a portfolio is rather delicate, you will have to carefully choose the options to create a well-balanced portfolio that will suit your trading needs in the best possible way.

After you have built your portfolio, you can benefit from the asset graph and have a free account manager. Besides, you won’t be charged transaction fees and commissions. Their mobile app is for free as well, and you can trade on the go with the mobile app.




This useful trading tool allows you to improve trades and strategies by saving time since it provides you with three types of analyses:

  1. Technical analysis
  2. Fundamental Analysis
  3. Statistical Analysis

The tool of autochrist scans the Forex trading market and highlights the best trading opportunity for you so you can profit from your investment. This tool is easy to comprehend, and it assists you with filtering through massive data amounts, the identification of chat patterns, and the potential prediction of future price movements.

This trading tool is not only for beginners but also for intermediate and expert traders. The primary purpose of this tool is to provide potential traders with a vivid picture of the collected data of different trading markets to enable them to make trading decisions faster. That said, this tool is time-consuming and enables traders to improve their trading strategies.


Economic Calendar

This feature of this trading platform allows traders to keep an eye on their daily activities and stay updated on what is going on in real-time in a given location. Besides, the financial calendar enables you to analyze real-time activities happening in the trading markets that could potentially affect the trading currencies and commodities.

With the financial calendar by their side, traders will be able to make better trading decisions and change their strategies according to the changing commodities and currencies.

Traders in UAE will also benefit from the feature RSS News as it allows them to maintain an in-depth knowledge of what is happening in the different forex markets and trading platforms – we know that real-time updates and information are the contributing factors in the trading market towards success.

With sufficient practice beforehand, newbie traders will be investing their money wisely.



70trades Forex Trading Platform – Absolutely Worth it!

70Trades is a cutting-edge, user-friendly market maker with a simple interface, several helpful features, and a large range of financial products. It is appropriate for both novices and expert traders, and the mobile app allows you to trade anywhere, at any time, with just a single click.

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