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National holidays in the UAE – National Day

National holidays in the UAE – National Day - Coming Soon in UAE
2 December 2016, 3 December 2016

National Day in the United Arab Emirates also known as ‘Al-Eid Al Watani’, this holiday is celebrated on 2 December.

It is generally a two day holiday, with 3 December also a holiday but the second date for the holiday may fall before or after 2 December depending on what day of the week 2 December falls on.

As is often the case in the United Arab Emirates, public sectors may get a longer public holiday break for this holiday than workers in the private sector.

The holiday commemorates the United Arab Emirate’s formal nationalisation from the British Protectorate Treaties as a result the expiration of a British treaty on 2 December 1971. This lead to the eventual, federal unification of seven sheikhdoms in the former Trucial States in 1971 to form the modern-day country. The first president of the federation was Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Schools in the U.A.E. celebrate National Day by holding national events and celebrations where local children will dress up in the cultural “thoub and “kandoora” and perform the “youlah” and folkloric dances and organize cultural contests.

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