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This year NSS is celebrating Ponnonam 2016 in Sharjah on 18th November, 8am to 5pm, Sharjah with various traditional and cultural program of Kerala.

NAIR SERVICE SOCEITY SHARJAH (NSS SHARJAH) is an association of Indian expatriates working towards their welfare as well as uplifting individuals and families in the Emirates from all other communities as well. Member strength of around 200 families around Sharjah region, the association mainly focuses on welfare of underprivileged in all the communities both in Kerala and UAE by providing educational assistance, health care assistance and other charitable works.

Eventful 4 years have passed behind us after the inception in 2012. They envisage to grow more in this land with the blessings bestowed on us by the beloved rulers of U.A.E. and with the enduring support of our countrymen to continue being of help and assistance to one another in times of necessity and distress.

Venue: Spicy Land Hotel
Media Convenor: Ponnonam 2016

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